What to wear?


What to wear - Family Portraits

Casual or formal?

 It doesnā€™t matter so long as everyone dresses in the same style.

  • Busy patterns should be avoided ā€“ solid colours are best. Similar tones look good, matching colours look stunning.  
  • Everyone in white tops – a  little is fine but try to avoid the whole family in white as it is better with a balance of other tones.
  • Ladies/girls, avoid short, tight miniskirts, and sleeveless tops if in doubt, bring a cardi with you.
  • Makeup – just a little more than usual, or at least a little eye make-up and lipstick/gloss. 
  • Teenagers – They know what they look great in, so leave it up to them to choose!

Black & white images

  •  Black and White/Sepia Images ā€“ think about clothes with some darker tones, light colours will not give much depth to your photographs.
  • PERSONALISE, feel free to bring along anything with you that will personalise your portrait for example ā€“ a musical instrument, favourite teddy, sunglasses, hat etc, Something that reflects your personality

This is just a guide but if you are unsure, feel free to contact me for advice.  Many people bring a spare top with them so that they have options – above all, dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.



Children and baby portraits 

  • Remember to arrange your session at a time to suit your child’s usual feeding and sleeping times.
  • Bring a change of clothes for those little accidents!
  • Bright colours work really well if they suit your little ones.
  • Bare legs and feet look really great so don’t worry about matching shoes.
  • Feel free to bring favourite toys or even dressing up clothes.

Bring a little snack for your little one if you think it’s needed but try avoid giving (or bribing) with sweets and fizzy drinks – this rarely helps and frequently has the opposite effect!

Lots of time and patience is given to allow your children to be themselves.




  • With your partner, children or on your own.
  • Minimise clothing marks on your body,  loose clothing should be worn prior to the shoot.
  • Bring along comfortable jeans,or a favourite top (do you have a fab pair of high heeled shoes?)
  • New baby items such as a cuddly toy or bootees can look great in the shots
  • If your partner has any large shirts, black or white look very good.

A relaxed approach to pregnancy photography will capture you at your most natural.  To show your ‘bump’ at its best, we suggest you book your session from 34 weeks onwards.  Please book your session in advance to get the date of choice.