What to wear?


Casual or formal?

 It doesn’t matter so long as everyone dresses in the same style.

  • Dress for the weather… outdoor portraits are great in any weather but if you know that it’s going to be cold, wrap up!
  • Autumn/winter layer up with bright or autumnal colours, fun umbrella’s, wellies and woolly hats.
  • Spring/summer lighten up with pastel or neutral colours, pair up with jeans. 
  • Generally busy patterns should be avoided – solid colours are best. Similar tones look good, matching colours look stunning.  
  • Everyone in white tops – a  little is fine but try to avoid the whole family in white as it is better with a balance of other tones.
  • Ladies/girls, avoid short, tight miniskirts, and sleeveless tops if in doubt, bring a cardi with you.
  • Makeup – just a little more than usual, or at least a little eye make-up and lipstick/gloss. 
  • Teenagers… they know what they look great in but if you have a theme in mind, try a compromise

  • PERSONALISE, feel free to bring along anything with you that will personalise your portrait for example – a musical instrument, favourite teddy, sunglasses, hat etc, Something that reflects your personality

This is just a guide but if you are unsure, feel free to contact me for advice, above all, dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.




  • Exercise your pet prior to your session to release some of that pent up energy.
  • Remember to bring plenty of your pets favourite treats
  • A little groom before the session (brushing your pets coat) or if necessary a trip to the groomers. 
  • Bring a favourite ball or toy along with a long lead if your pet needs one.
  • Be sure to let us know if your pet has any likes or dislikes that would be good to know about.